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Feb 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
him over. this man, who's identified by police as 24-year-old jorge sanchez, led officers on a slow-speed chase for ten minutes. police then had to put out stop sticks, which you see hanging out from under this car. and if you notice, police in full-on gear come up to the car with their guns drawn and watch what happens next. you see that he is struck with something, kind of collapses over into the passenger seat. according to reports, police fired in his direction with a low-impact bb gun. doesn't cause serious injuries, but did kind of get him under control. another officer goes to the other side of the car. they bust out the driver's side window. they pull sanchez out into the street, where they cuff him, and according to reports, he was taken into custody. >> wow. >> what a weird video. >> okay, inform me, what is nitrous oxide make you feel? >> basically known as laughing ga and leaves y with a fe according to sanchez's father, sanchez had a problem with nitrous oxide in the past, he does this to create the feeling of euphoria. this is also not sanchez's first run-in with the l
Feb 3, 2013 9:00pm PST
to call forward a student speaker who will speak in a few minutes and that is dominique sanchez and i would like those in the audience tonight who are now or who have ever been associated with peer resources to please stand. [applause] thank you so much and so i turn it over now to ms. tam to say a few words. >> hi. once again i am ms. tam director of peer resources. thank you. we are honored by this commendation and excited to be here. we especially while i have the chance i want to thank you all for your support at peer resources especially at this critical time of transition and as the superintendent mentioned we are now independent and a project of community initiative, so moving forward peer resources' mission is to create justice change in our schools and communities through the leadership of young people engaging, training and advocating for young people, and with that i'm going to turn the podium over to dominique sanchez. [applause] >> all right. so i am dominique sanchez and i want to thank the school board and the superintendent for this honor and having me here and pee
Feb 4, 2013 4:30am PST
street near sanchez street where the n o i valley farmers market happens every saturday american. the farmers market was founded by gableel and crawford who are here and it's a key asset in gathering space in the community any saturday morning it's an absolute community hub a really a town square this is one of the few farmers market in the city that is run by people in the neighborhood often farmers markets bring capable outside vendors to come in and this is a farmers market that was created in the neighborhood and day in and out by the people in the neighborhood and the parking lot is owned by n o i ministries and that needs to tellcele the parking lot in order to finances it is earthquake retrofit and there is a strong and widespread desire in the neighborhood to make sure that the parking lot and farmers market remains community open space, and doesn't get sold off for development but there really is no open space in the core of n o i valley other than this area. so, for a few years now, the residents for n o i up to square and the neighborhood have been looking to see how w
Feb 4, 2013 1:30am PST
n ministra olga sanchez que estaba haciendo una nueva sentencia c n contra florence, y yo me tome e el tiempo para hacerle una carta a peña nieto diciendole que n o nosotros, las victimas habia f sufrido muchos dias, en el que a afloraron mis sentimientos en s esa carta, para que el presid t presidente nos diera apoyo. > florence cases en francia, fue liberada, tú sigues insistiendo en que ella fue culpable de tu secuestro, ¿qué puede pasar ahora? ¿qué quieres? ¿qué vas hacer? >> señor, mire, seguiremos luchando cueste lo que cueste, a dónde podemos llegar, señor lo haremos tanto las victimas de secuestro, tanto yo como otras p personas. >> ¿luchando para qué? qué es lo que quieren? ¿qué florence cases termine en la cárcel otra vez? ¿quieren volver a sacar el caso? ¿qué
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)